Introducing CoffeeThrottle™

Coffee is too hot to safely drink when brewed at the typical brewing temperature, which is about 195˚F. It must cool to around 155˚F to drink safely. Vacuum insulated travel mugs work very well, which means your coffee stays too hot all the way to work if you keep the lid in place.

If we remove the lid on our way to work, we often spill it on our clothes, which nobody likes. On our desks, with the lid removed, the coffee cools. We check email, do a short meeting. We drink a few sips. We do a few other tasks, come back, and the other 60% of our coffee is cold.

We can’t put the steel mug in the microwave (well, only once,) so we find another cup, transfer, etc. Nobody likes that either. We have solved all that with our patented device, CoffeeThrottle™. Our device lowers your coffee temperature to comfortable drinking temperature in 2 minutes so we can enjoy it right away. Later, as our coffee cools, the device restores heat back into our coffee, making it warmer longer. It’s an insert to your regular coffee cup that works immediately with no modifications.

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